#CancerUG – Simple Thoughts But Let Us Start

by Nada Andersen
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A lot has been said about cancer around the time Rosamary Nankabirwa passed. We had the momentum but now we don’t. Besides the hurt some of us went through as we lost dear ones to cancer and the hurt people are currently going through with the friends and family members who are waiting for death or salvation – there is one more hurt that we need to consider regarding cancer, something that will pain us dearly.

It is the hurt of shame. Shame that we sat, talked, tweeted, facebooked but in the end, did nothing. I hope that hurt will become evident, soonest, so we can try to convert it into meaningful, creative energy. I hope someone will provide clearer guidance, proactive and positive direction so we can channel the momentum and energy towards a common citizen goal.

Goals are many: providing monthly support for Uganda Cancer Institute to cater to medicine, food, necessities for the patients; raising funds to purchase specific pieces of equipment currently absent; providing funds for testing; sensitisation, prevention work. All are viable and necessary goals. All are perfectly open to citizens to get involved. Let us choose one goal at the time and focus on achieving it.

I am going to revive the Lights for Cancer facebook page and try to source opinions from there. It would help if everyone with a good idea leaves a comment here. We are looking for the very first goal that we, as able and healthy citizens, can tackle. Let’s try together to make a move, however small, to help the fight against cancer.

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