Bold – How to Be Brave in Business and Win

by Nada Andersen
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Bold – How to Be Brave in Business and Win
By Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan

Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry said that “BOLD is one of the most inspiring and insightful books on what it takes to build a pure and compelling global brand for today’s generation, in this digitally disruptive age.” I can’t agree more.

BOLD is written by two powerful business consultants with massive experience in brand building, strategy, development, growth, both passionate thought leaders on brand issues. Shaun Smith is rated as a top business speaker internationally and is a founding partner at Smith + Co which works with global brands to design distinctive experiences. Andy Milligan is the founding partner at The Caffeine Partnership which helps brand and business growth on a fasttrack.

BOLD is one of those books you can start reading from the end, the middle, doesn’t matter. It contains stories of fourteen businesses that decided to look at their worlds in a different way. They were chosen for the book because they were bold in their purpose, in the way they do things, in their principles. The boldness set them apart in their unshakeable belief in what they stand for and in their actions that follow their beliefs.

The book is full of additional materials you can find online: great videos, articles, links to websites with wealth of value and experience. But the most important content is the first-hand encounter with numerous visionaries and their insights, reasoning and passion, delivered in these 300-odd pages.

For a CEO in this digital era, BOLD sums up beautifully written stories of Virgin Galactic, O2, Air Asia X, Chilli Beans, Six Senses Resorts and Spas, Burberry, BBH, The Geek Squad,, Umpqua Bank, TNT Express, JCB, innocent and WWF.

Finally, as the chest of gold at the very end, it delivers straight into your hands the bold practices and principles, how to build a bold brand and many other valuable questions that will push you to see your personal and business brand differently and inspire you to be BOLD.

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